How important is having the facts straight? How stable would your house be without a foundation? Everything else is built upon it: the floor, the walls, and the roof.

Our founding fathers went to great pains to set up a foundation on which we could build a great nation. Today, some are chipping away at it, making the whole structure unstable.

Understanding our past—our foundation—keeps us alert to telltale signs of erosion. A sagging floor here, a crack in a wall there may seem insignificant. Then we notice an extended separation in the brick veneer. A closer inspection by an expert confirms our greatest fears. Our foundation is faulty. 

An accurate portrayal of our country’s foundation is important enough that some are seeking to erase it from our history books. Why did our forefathers believe it was important to have checks and balances, freedom of the press, the right to bear arms?

What is at stake if we remain silent while others rewrite history? If we don’t fight to preserve it, the consequences will eventually become clear. I’m afraid that by then, it may be too late.


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