What is freedom? Why do we believe in it?

What underlying principles drive us to do what we do? Cast our ballet for a particular candidate? Question or submit to authority?

Do our actions confirm or deny what we say we believe? How? Why?

What do we believe and why?

John Locke, the philosopher, and his friend William Molyneux of Dublin, penned their musings about the role of government, natural rights, etc., which inspired American patriots nearly a century later.

What were the philosophical underpinnings of the Declaration of Independence? The Constitution?

Why does it matter? Can’t we just live and let live? Where will that road take us?

Spend time pondering these questions. Their answers are foundational to who we are as a country. Their answers may determine your destiny.


I’d love to hear your thoughts, knowledge, resources, etc., related to these and other topics found throughout this website.